Ras Al Khair Port

NPS was awarded a ten year contract to operate marine and stevedoring services at the Port of Ras Al Khair. The Port of Ras Al Khair was designed and constructed to support the industrial development of the eastern region; investment projects such as diammonium phosphate, liquefied ammonia, caustic soda, and alumina are still ongoing. Ras Al Khair will serve these goods (mainly for export) as well as various cargo and other import goods. The Port of Ras Al Khair should be operational by the end of 2010 and will be able to serve dry bulk and general cargo vessels up to a capacity of 70 thousand DWT, as well as vessels carrying up to 50,000 DWT liquid cargo.

Services provided at the Port of Ras Al Khair include:
  • Stevedoring Services
  • Diving and Underwater Works
  • Pollution and Petrochemical Spill Control and Fighting
  • Buoy Installation and Repair
  • Ship Repair (dry docking of workboats up to 500 tons)
  • Marine Rescue Services
  • Pilotage and Tugging Services
  • Control Tower Operations
  • Vessel Traffic System O&M
  • Radar System O&M
  • Marine Communication Systems O&M
  • Marine Hydrographic Surveys
  • Floating Crane Operations and Services
  • ISPS, ASCW, and VTS Training and Certification

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