Graduates of the recognized marine academies, universities or training centers of those obtaining the bachelor degree (major marine navigation) or the competency certificates, (Third officer, second officer) or diploma in marine Pilotage which is conferred by the training centers with five years minimum experience.

Tug Master
Tug master to obtain High Sea Going Third Officer Certificate or to obtain certificate of recognized marine institute or training center as stated under clause A-2/3 STC W post secondary school. Obtaining High sea first officer certificate

Control Tower Operator
Radio cable equipment operator with class 2 certificate. Certificate of control tower operator from recognized marine academy, 3 years experience as radio operator, repair and maintain minor failures, 2 years experience as control tower operator.

Control tower supervisor
To have certificate from recognized marine academy. 4 years experience as control tower operator, 1 year experience as control supervisor

Marine inspector
The marine inspectors should be obtaining bachelor degree in the marine navigation or high sea master certificate. Good knowledge in the marine inspection, Aids of salvage, Ship inspections, Firefighting equipment and fire fighting systems, Inspections of marine incidents, rules of investigation in the marine incidents, international agreements related to ship safety and safety of persons , loading lines and oil prevention in seas.

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