Jubail Commercial Port

The Port

NPS was awarded a ten year contract to operate the marine services at the Jubail Commercial Port. Jubail Commercial Port is located on the eastern shore of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the most active industrial city in KSA, and it supports exports and imports in the Eastern Province. It is expected that the Port will be expanded to accommodate for additional volume after the railway connecting Jubail to Riyadh, and the other regions of KSA is completed.

NPS provides the following services:
  • Diving and Underwater Works
  • Pollution and Petrochemical Spill Control and Fighting
  • Buoy Installation and Repair
  • Ship Repair (dry docking of workboats up to 500 tons)
  • Marine Rescue Services
  • Pilotage and Tugging Services
  • Control Tower Operations
  • Vessel Traffic System O&M
  • Radar System O&M
  • Marine Communication Systems O&M
  • Marine Hydrographic Surveys
  • Floating Crane Operations and Services
  • ISPS, ASCW, and VTS Training and Certification

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Jubail Commercial Port
Jubail – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
NPS Marine Services Office
Tel: +966 3 3578000/219, +966 3 3575602, +966 3 3575603

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